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Due to the nature of dealing with the digital distribution of active license codes, cannot offers exchange or refunds on the products once they are delivered or the license keys have been viewed. All the sales related to the license keys are final.

Dealing with the active license code, can offer you a refund only when you have not retrieved the license/activation key from the system. If you have already used the license or activation key, then you will not be eligible to ask for a refund. Please make sure that you request a refund before retrieving the activation/license key.

Use of Website

These Terms and Conditions and License Agreement are an agreement between united tech serve as ( doing business as united tech serve and you (Customer). This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions of your use of all united tech serve products and services. Within the scope of such Services, this Agreement refers to both (i) your service plan; and (ii) any additional services you order to supplement your service plan, as further described at Our Services & Prices. By using,accessing, registering for or receiving any of the Services, you are agreeing to the terms set out below and in our Privacy Policy, which is incorporated into this Agreement. Additional terms might be applicable to certain Services that you purchase from our website. In such cases, those additional terms also apply to the Agreement. If you do not accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions and our Policies then you should not access our Services.

If you are using this website then you are agreeing to these terms and conditions and take full responsibility for any risk or issues when you use the site. If you do not agree to any terms or conditions then you should stop using the website at once.

After you sign up on the website user account, you need to take all the responsibility of the things that might happen on your account. It is essential that you keep all your account information secure and any type of breach of security to your accounts like that of a password should be reported to the soon as has all the right to terminate, Ban, delete a user account without any notice.

Unitedtechserve Store User Account

All the content and property on the website belong to united tech serve and the content providers and licenses are protected under International Law. The content like Data, images, video, service marks, industrial designs, trademarks, or logos is the property of united tech serve. These marking should not be used without explicit written permission from united tech serve. All the other trademarks, slogans, or logos, which appeared on united tech serve is the property of respective owners who are affiliated with the website.

All the content mentioned on this website should not be downloaded, disseminated, published, screen captured, or transferred to any form, without the permission of united tech serve. Any type of unauthorized activity will be directly in the violation of international law and subject to criminal and civil prosecution. When you visit this website, you do not obtain any right or permission to make digital copies of the content.

Ownership of Website Content and Intellectual Property

A united tech serve user account is important in order to access the services and content available on the website.If you have an active or valid user account, then this does not make you a united tech serve member. Any official united tech serve membership status will be displayed on the user account.

When you sign up on the website user account, you will agree to give all the required information for the signup process. It is prohibited to give false information to the united tech serve website or to impersonate any person or a party. You are not allowed to use another person’s account or you cannot allow anyone to use your account to get access to the content or services.

User Submissions

By submitting information onthe material for display on united tech serve, you agree that you do not submit any illegal, profane, threatening, derogatory, defamatory, injurious, or indecent content to united tech serve or third parties. No business deals or agreements will be made by the united tech serve website without explicit written permission from united tech serve. You also need to agree that you do not provide any personal or confidential information about third parties to infringe on the privacy rights of third parties.

Privacy Statement

This website features a privacy statement that informs how we collect information from the users. You can read the privacy policy statement in order to learn about the use of your personal information for improving our website.

Third-Party Website

The website is linked with many third-party applications, which are not on by united tech serve. united tech serve does not sponsor, approve, certify, or endorse any websites and is not responsible for the contents on such type sites.

These websites have their own terms and conditions or privacy policy and you need to read them before a agree to any terms. The buyer has to take full responsibility for any products purchased from any third party websites. united tech serve will not be liable for any losses that incur due to the unauthorized use of your account.

Errors on Our Site

We often try to be as precise as possible. This does not mean that all the description of a product or the content on the website is complete, reliable, free, or accurate. The prices and promotions of the products change significantly. Despite all our efforts, there are really some items that might not be available in our catalog or misstated. For any of such reasons, we can cancel an order or contact you for further instructions on the order.

Order Confirmation

The order confirmation does not signify any acceptance of the order nor does it confirm the offer to sell. At any time or moment, your order may be accepted or declined on the basis of quantity and other limits for the orders. These limits may be on the person or per order basis. If we make any type of modification or limit on your order, then you will be immediately notified of your email address that you provide us. If we cancel any order, then we will refund you the full amount of the canceled portion of the order.

So if you using this website, you have to understand all these terms, which form a binding agreement between you (customers) and united tech serve.

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