United Tech Return policy

When you aren’t satisfied with the antivirus product for some reason, we provide you a money-back guarantee. It is available on most of our products. The refund depends upon the subscription term, type of product and duration since the purchase date. If you want to get a refund for your purchase, then you have to uninstall that antivirus from your computer as per the license agreement. Remember that shipping and applicable tax charges aren’t refundable in any situation.

What is the return policy?

We are ready to listen to you when you are facing issues with our products. You should read our terms and conditions to know the restrictions on return and refunds. You have to delete all the copies from your software after getting a refund. You need to know the fact that your return and refund policies can differ when you have purchased an antivirus through third-party apps, vendors and service providers. Before investing in an antivirus, you should review the terms for better information and details.

Who can use return policy?

Whenever you will request within thirty days of antivirus software purchase, we can provide you refunds. Within a particular period, it can be possible for anyone to return the antivirus software with a full refund. You can only request for return when you haven’t retrieved the license system on your system. If you have already activated the antivirus software on your system, then you won’t get any refunds. You must check the software properly before taking any decision.

Defective software

When you find that the software is defective, you can contact our team for support immediately. Our specialists will get in touch with you and make sure that the defect is removed. You will be told a few steps which will help you to make the software work in a better way.

Cancellation of subscription

You can cancel your subscription by contacting our customer care services. If you will cancel your subscription, then make sure that you do it before renewal billing date to avoid automatic antivirus renewal charges. Make sure that if you will cancel the subscription, then you can’t renew it automatically. If you have already paid for the antivirus, then you will enjoy the services for that particular period. Whenever any customer asks for our support with the subscription cancellation, we are there to help them. If you have got a monthly subscription, then you are eligible for a refund if the request has been made within thirty days of purchase. The subscription won’t renew next month in such a case. You shouldn’t hesitate to contact our customer services because it is the best and fastest way to use our return policies.

Our customer services

United Tech serve provides quality software and services. If you will apply for a return within the given time frame and request for a refund, we will try to get back to you soon. Our customer care service experts are always there to remove doubts and queries of yours. We provide 24x7 customer care services to our customers.

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